A Peek at our Thanksgiving & some November Beauty Favorites

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did. It was great to relax at home with family and good food and really just enjoy time together. It's always nice to have a day to really reflect upon all of our blessings and great things we all truly have to be thankful for. My list of "thankfuls" is usually the same...  It's never really about specific material things, but more about things that really matter. Like health, family, having a warm home and full stomachs. Things that can often be taken for granted, but that we should really take the time to be thankful for every day. Stuff that matters. To me, it's just the definition of a "warm n' fuzzy" holiday and I love it.

Can you believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone?? I'm so happy that we're now officially into the holiday season! Did any of you guys venture out for Black Friday? I've said it before, but I'm a Black Friday hermit. I usually shop from home in pj's with a plate (or three) of Thanksgiving leftovers. This year was pretty crazy because I didn't shop at all!
Definitely check out my Holiday Gift Guide here if you missed it! Especially since most of the sales are still going on through Monday at least.

We also got a bit of a head start with our Christmas decor around here too. I always like to have the tree(s) up by Thanksgiving just because we may not always do Christmas dinner at our house and I think it's fun to have a bit of holiday cheer goin' on around here in case there is family that may not have dinner here then. But let's just be honest, the main reason is because Brad and I are big kids when it comes to Christmas and we're usually itching to put the trees up come early November anyway. So it was definitely fun to have that going on too.  We also kept to our usual tradition of putting up our Christmas lights outside on Friday. So we're in full Christmas season mode around here and I love it.

Before we get into my November Favorites for this month, I thought I'd share with you a very small peek into our Thanksgiving day, since this was the first we've hosted at our new home!
I wasn't really planning on doing a blog post, so the photos were all quickly snapped with my iPhone. Keepin' it casual. Much like we like to do Thanksgiving around here.

Here's a shot of the table...

I kept it simple with some disposable placemats. These are SO easy. I use these for every holiday. They come in pads of 50 which seem to last forever. I couldn't find the exact wreath design ones I have but these are pretty darn close. I like to have the cranberry sauce on the table, with some sweet and spicy mustard for the ham and turkey, butter, and some little turkey salt and pepper shakers that were my Grandma's.
Those are my typical chargers/plates/napkin table set I usually have going on, so I kept those out to be pretty. But when dinner time came, we ate on some more simple plates we had that made things super easy.
Yup, that's a tree in the background... I'll show it in my Holiday Home Tour coming up this week!

We had the most delish meal. Turkey, ham, dressing (with my Grandma's special gravy I love), potato salad, green beans, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, and I made the sweet potato casserole and broccoli casserole. Oh and there was of course, pies and cookies my mom made for dessert.
I live for Thanksgiving food.

Before we ate, I snapped this pic really quick of all the food set up. I think next year, I'll put all of the food on the big island near where the ham and turkey is just to make things easier. We had a lot more room to spread out this year!

And then there's this...

Had to squeeze a Christmas tree in there too of course.
This is our crazy 12-ft mall lobby Christmas tree. It pretty much owns the living room...haha. It's huge and definitely freaked us out at first. But we are kind of in love with it. It's an led tree that has pretty warm white lights that can change to multi-colored at the push of a button. It's pretty awesome.

All of the details will be up next week, along with some much better photos.  I'll be sharing my holiday home tour with you guys showing you all the fun stuff I've put out for the season (and the other trees we have too-- I told you, we're Christmas freaks), since you all loved it so much last year. So I'm really excited for that. Look for a video on my YouTube channel and a post mid-week. ;)

K, so November Favorites... I think I have some especially great picks this month.  Here they are!

My favorites of November...

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Holiday Gift Guide 2013! with Sale Details

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!
Today is seriously one of my favorite holidays. Second only to Christmas. This day is a special day for so many reasons. It's wonderful to be able to get together with family, stay cozy inside, and just relax with yummy food and celebrate all of the blessings we have to be so very thankful for.

So I'm posting this and signing off for day.
...and tomorrow, because to me, Black Friday is all about staying cozy inside, wearing comfy pj's, and eating leftovers.

But today also marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season!
So to officially welcome the madness week of a thousand sales,  I'm bringing you my COMPLETE Holiday Gift Guide!
In this post, I'll share with you all my list of go-to gifts for both guys and gals, some store-specific sale info, and some of my go-to shopping tips and sites.

Hopefully you've already checked out the accompanying video on my YouTube channel (check that out here if you haven't). In that video, I share more general tips for holiday shopping. All of my best tips to make holiday shopping less difficult. Because we all know and love a few people who may be a bit difficult to shop for. So check that out for some specifics and tons of tips that won't steer you wrong.

But as promised, here I'm sharing my more complete, specific guide for all the actual gifts I recommend and would definitely pick up for my loved ones.
These are the gifts I'm loving to give this season.

Gifts for her...

Gifts for him...

Check out some of my go-to places to shop for gifts for even more ideas!

Sephora Gifts Under $10 HERE
Sephora Gifts Under $25 HERE
Sephora Gifts $25-50 HERE
Macys Holiday Gift Guide HERE 
Beauty Gifts at Ulta HERE
Home Decor/Personalized gifts at Pottery Barn HERE 

As always, there will be tons of different sales online at TONS of different stores. Here are a few worth mentioning...


Thursday at Midnight (CST) through Friday, November 29 at 11:59 (CST)
CYBER MONDAY PROMOTION: 20% off select items with code CM2013 Dec. 2nd only

Tory Burch :: Save 20% off orders over $300, save 25% off orders over $500, save 30% off orders over $750 plus free shipping.
DATES: Nov 29 – Dec 2

Bloomingdale’s :: Save up to 50% off & Take $25 off almost every $200 you spend

DATES: Nov 25 – Dec 1

Nordstrom :: Save 25%+ off on select brands.

DATES: Nov 27 (10AM PST) – Dec 1 (10PM PST)

Nordstrom :: Save 33%+ off on select brands.

DATES: Nov 28 (10PM PST) – Nov 29 (10PM PST)

Sephora :: Receive a free mystery sample bag with any $25 purchase.

DATES: Nov 25
ALSO: Check out the 10 doorbusters for $10 on Dec 2.

Shopbop/ East Dane :: Save 15% when you spend $250, save 20% when you spend $500, and save 25% when you spend $1000.

DATES: Nov 26 – Dec 2

Target :: Save 40% off select denim, women’s loungewear, and women’s party dresses.

DATES: Nov 25 – Nov 30


**Not a sponsored post. Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions. Post contains affiliate links.**


What a difference some lighting makes...

Hello, Loves!

So for this week's home decor post, I'm sharing some new updates around here. Well some new, some old. Actually a quick little lighting change up I did (all by myself) a few weeks ago spurred this entire post and sort of triggered me to share lots of the lighting updates we've done around here. Most were done the week we moved in! Some of these are old news to us, but still something I haven't shared yet, so new to the blog, right? ;)

So my point here is that when you move into a home, usually it doesn't reflect your personal style right away. People usually think to change paint colors and of course bring in unique accessories and furniture that reflect their style,  but I've found that a lot of people overlook something that makes a HUGE difference. Lighting.  It can really change the whole feel of your home.
We talk about decor and fun stuff to make your home unique on here all the time, so I can't believe I've never really talked a lot about this subject!

Part of that is because it can get expensive. The other part is because they can be a hassle to install. This post definitely isn't a how-to on that, because the day I start giving electrical advice, I'd probably need to re-think this blog... haha
So we're not even going there. If you're unsure about installing fixtures yourself, hire an electrician to be safe.
Ok, back to the post...

So our house came with builder-grade fixtures. However, they were brand new. So we brought a few fixtures from our last house we loved (the dining room and breakfast area chandeliers) and replaced the ones at the old house with the ones at the new house. The dining room chandelier at our current house was actually really beautiful. Looking back, I kind of wish we would've kept it for the foyer, but the lantern-style fixture in there is really growing on me.  Oh well, it's living at our last house and that's fine by me.

So we'll get to those in a moment, but my point is that we knew we'd want to change out a lot of the "boob" lights. Surely, you know what I mean. No other way to describe them. They look like ceiling-mounted boobs. Not really what I'm going for around here.

So anyway, I'm going to share with you all the fixtures we've added so far, but first I want to share these little guys that inspired the whole "lighting" post.

These are in the little bar area in the basement...

Ugh. that room looks straight up yellow. I will learn how to photograph it one of these days... haha. Until then, imagine it as a pretty tan.

Can you believe I put up those little pendants in less than five minutes??
Ok, don't get too impressed. I cheated a bit- They're a recessed can adapter. They screw in at the top just like a lightbulb. We had these in the kitchen at our last house and the other day it just totally hit me that they would be perfect down there! I got mine from Ballard Designs.  The only catch is that you have to have a recessed (can) light already installed. You just unscrew the bulb at the ceiling and screw in the adapter. Kind of genius.

You may notice the table is gone. Yeah we decided to garage-sale it. I figured it wouldn't really get a ton of use down there. We're still on the hunt for a great bar or maybe a long, taller table that is narrow. So that we can still use bar stools with it. I'll keep you updated!

So speaking of pendant lights... how similar do these look to the ones in the basement??

These are actually hard-wired. We replaced some boob lights with these. We had these in the hall of our previous home too.
But seriously, how cool are the lightbulbs??

They have chrome ends! Pretty awesome. I can't believe we blinded ourselves with regular bulbs in these for so many years. I put these same bulbs in the similar basement fixtures too.

Before we go on, you may notice the little cutie in the laundry room. It was the chandelier in the closet at our last house. I didn't have plans to change the light in there until my dad was over here helping us change out the fixtures and he said, "Hey, let's put it in here."  Good call, dad. Good call.

Seriously how fun is that? Adding a fun little touch like that in a space like a laundry room makes it feel special. I've had this little chandelier for years. I got this one maybe six or seven years ago at Home Depot. I mean, who doesn't want to feel a little fancy doing laundry?

Speaking of fun fixtures (and hanging on to them for years), we added this fun fixture in the little landing area at the top of our stairs in the hallway the week we moved in also.

The hallway is still basically untouched other than the little fixture change up, but I think it made a huge difference!

This guy sat in our garage at our previous house for three years!! I got it on sale at a ridiculous price at a local sale and just held on to it, waiting for the perfect place to put it. Can't believe we never hung it at our last house, but I guess it worked out perfectly!

Here's a very similar one...
This one is nice because it is an actual pendant so you can have some more options.

Next up, the lighting change-up in the kitchen. I have no before photos, because I made it a point to crop the old fixtures out of any photos we took when we moved in. The kitchen was complete with two HUGE ceiling-mounted fluorescent box fixtures. Fluorescent lighting is basically the bane of my existence.
For the few weeks we lived here with them up, I got used to cooking by the light of the chandelier over the breakfast nook and the one recessed light above our sink. It was awful.
So we replaced those with these and have been loving them ever since...

Still contemplating changing the paint in here. It's definitely not as yellow as it looks. It's more true to the backsplash on the left and the front of the island (since those are the same exact colors). Crazy how different it looks up top on camera huh? We think the color is Sherwin Williams Macadamia.
Anyway, those fixtures can be found here.

Ok, so I wasn't planning on going through every changed fixture in the house, but we've come this far, so I guess we'll just keep pushing through! haha
Chandeliers next.

So you may have noticed I changed the chandelier in my closet where I film.

For a tour of this space, check out this post for all the details.

I got such a crazy amazing deal on it (so amazing that they don't seem to be available anymore),  that I purchased two. The other lives in our master bathroom now.

I can't wait to begin the re-do of this room. We've got some HUGE plans to completely makeover the space. Bathroom renovations aren't cheap so this one may come further down the road, but I'm sure you guys know that I'll document all of it here!

I found some similar options below...

Here's our breakfast nook one that we brought from the last house too.

Funny how when we put this one up, it felt more like home.
This one was a great find on Overstock.

For more on the chairs and rug, check out the posts here and here.

And last but not least, my absolute favorite. Our pretty dining room chandelier.

Check out how I made-over these antique chairs in this post.

This one is so special to me. It was our first big purchase for our last home. I'll have this one forever. Well, hopefully I'll have all of these forever! But I just love this one so much. It comes without shades, but I added these pretty black ones I found at the Ballard outlet in Atlanta.
Chandelier shades are awesome because you can change the whole look without having to change the whole fixture. You can find inexpensive ones all over the place.

Whew. I totally didn't expect that post to turn into such a doozie.  It's just that I really think lighting is so fun and makes such a huge difference.

So those are just my updates we've made in the lighting department since we've moved in. I'll definitely update you guys as we change any more. We've got LOTS of plans and a ton more to change.  Can't wait to share it all with you!

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This week begins with a haul... or three.

So begins another week...
However, because this week contains lots of turkey and yumminess, this Monday is a little better than usual, right? ;)

So you may remember my recent post and video all about the Sephora VIB sale. In that one, I mentioned some of my recommendations as well as a little wish list of my own of items I was thinking about getting.  Well my order came (and smashed, as my Instagram followers may remember), and I got some great stuff.
I also made a little trip to Ulta this past week.
Oh, and the drugstore.
Somebody stop me.

So I decided to put together a little video to give you all a peek at all my new goodies! I hope you all enjoy it!

My new goodies...

Worn in this video...

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and look for 3 more new videos coming up this week! Happy Monday!

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Recent Empties...

Happy (late) Friday, Loves! Who's ready for the weekend??

So today I'm bringing you all another "empties" video. I have to admit, I didn't think I'd have this much stuff to bring you all another video so soon after the last (you can check that video out here if you missed it).
I have to say, it's pretty satisfying to save up this stuff just to keep track of what I'm using up. While I really try to save my empties for these videos, I think there were probably a few things that still fell through the cracks like some shower stuff. I'm pretty sure I threw away some body wash not that long ago.  Oh well, we'll live.
Like I said in the last video, these types of videos are so great because when you've used up a product entirely, you can be pretty sure that you're getting a good review.  Plus, it's interesting for me to really consider whether or not the product is worth repurchasing.  And there's just something so satisfying about using a product up completely.  Is it just me? haha ;)

So check out the video below for all the goods on my recently used-up products! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Products I'll repurchase...

So any products you keep repurchasing again and again?? Out of everything in this list, I've definitely gone through the LaVanila Healthy Deodorant,  Mat Velvet+, and the Lashblast the most.  I've probably gone through about three of the Paul Mitchell curling sprays. However, I feel like the Proactiv+ is going to become a staple of mine (I couldn't get the image to work on the darn widget...haha).  I've repurchased the original Proactiv for years (far more than any other item on this list), but I'm only on my seconds of the new Proactiv+.

Have an awesome weekend, y'all!!

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Caring For House Plants: A fiddle leaf fig story... and an nameless orchid.

There's something about a pretty green houseplant that can pull a whole room together. For years, I had lusted over gorgeous open foyers with tall green banana leaf plants or fiddle leaf figs flanking the doorway, soaking up the sun. However, at our last house, it was a struggle keeping houseplants alive. We didn't get a whole lot of natural light.  However, looking back, I probably would've just kept the regular windows open a bit and said to heck with privacy for the sake of my plants.

But anyway, a big want on my list when we moved into our new house was some big pretty plants. I told the harrowing story of my fiddle leaf fig find of my life in this post months back.  Long story short, I had drooled over them for months and thought they were probably only sold at specialty nurseries and the such. You know... somewhere fancy.  They've been quite the trendy houseplant the past couple years. Just search "fiddle leaf fig" on Pinterest and see what I mean.

So when I found one at Home Depot (they're pretty common finds around the HD), I thought I had struck gold.
Here's Frankie the day after he came home.

Which brings me to my first tip. Always name your houseplants. I'm pretty one hundred on the fact that helps.

That same week, I went back for a second.

He's a baby. His name is Fig. Original I know.

So of course, I researched high and low about the exact way to care for these. Everything I found said that these don't like much water, but like a ton of sun. No problem. A ton of sun, they've got. It's also important to make sure the soil drains well. So both are potted in containers with drainage holes at the bottom. The one in the foyer is propped up on some little wooden blocks (that I need to pretty up in some way one of these days), so that it can drip into a little tray I have below it. The smaller one has a pot with a built-in little drainage well around the bottom.

So fast forward a little over two weeks...

Frankie started dropping leaves like crazy. I don't have a whole lot of photos of that time in between, because it's not that much of a difference, but you can really tell in the photo below...

Ugh, poor Frankie, right? It's actually not as dramatic as it looks. If you notice (by the trunk) in the two photos of Frankie above, I had rotated him in the second photo. You're basically looking at the back. So that's why he doesn't look so lush. But poor ol' Frankie got pretty thin.

I had mentioned in that previous post that I was concerned about him being placed in front of that air vent. So I moved him to the other side of the door and during that time, he was doing his worst. When I moved him back in front of the vent, he started improving. Ugh, who knows. Plants are finicky creatures.

However, I know that the vent can't be great for him. So I'm thinking of moving him away from it again. It's messing with my mind.

So weeks went by where I was keeping the soil fairly dry like all of the instructions I had read. Watering sparingly maybe once every week or two.

But then I noticed little Fig was wilting at the top. So I gave him more water and he perked up. So the little guy really taught me exactly how much water they needed, and how often.  Because with big Frankie, it was hard to notice wilt at the top because there are so many leaves. With the little one, I could really see when it needed water, about once every five days. So I started watering both of them on the same schedule.

And what do you know, absolutely NO leaf drop, yellow leaves, or new brown spots in months!
I've even noticed maybe some new leaves developing near the tops of both plants.

When I say I water them, I really water them. For the little one, maybe like 1.5 cups? For the big one, maybe three. Seems like a lot, but it's been working like a charm.

Frankie is still not looking his best, but he's grown a lot taller, looking 100% better than when he was at his worst, and hopefully, he'll begin to fill in over the next few years. I'm imagining the day when he looks like this.
A girl can dream.

But I'm still seriously so mad at myself for almost killing him these past several months. Caring for house plants just generally makes me nervous and turns me into a huge rule-follower. Turns out, you shouldn't always listen to all these hardcore plant rules you find online.  Heck, not even mine. Watching your plants and giving them what they look like they need is usually the best bet.

As for little Fig, he has really just improved since we got him. Growing a lot taller and only shedding two or three leaves early on that were touching the soil at the bottom that needed to go anyway.

He's actually hanging out in our guest bedroom for now. You can read all about that (and more details on the decor) in this post.

So long story short on the fiddle leaf fig... I'm for sure not an expert by any means, but I'm thinking that mine respond best to more water and of course, a lot of sunlight, which they've always gotten.  Unless you have a space that gets tons of sun throughout, don't even think about it. I hate to say that, but it's true. They need a ton of it. And my biggest suggestion is to make sure that they're in a pot that drains.

The only other live plant we have is this orchid in the powder room.  Brad brought me this guy one day after work a few months ago.  He's the sweetest.
Brad, not the orchid.

Ohhh this powder room. You can read more about it's transformation here and here.
Spoiler... It used to be brown and gold and wallpapered all over.

Oh shoot. Just realized orchid has no name. He's doomed for sure.

Not much to report on this guy. Orchids are actually super duper easy to care for if they get a lot of sunlight! I don't for the life of me understand how some look so great in people's homes that aren't in front of a window. I've seen beautiful ones in window-less offices. It boggles my mind. 
Do you guys have any orchid tips on that?
Is it magic?

Anyway, I water it just a tiny bit once a week. it's in a container that drains nicely too, although I don't think it even gets enough water to drain anyway.

Like I said, I'm no expert. This is just what's been working (and not working) for our plants.

So do you guys have any amazing tips on fiddle leaf figs or orchids that you've learned through caring for them? Please share them with us below!


Get Ready With Me! Makeup Look and OOTD

So last week I brought you two tutorials on everyday things: My current foundation routine (check that out here if you missed it) and a tutorial on how I fill and shape my eye brows (yup, you can see that here too).  So to round it all out, I felt it only appropriate to do an updated tutorial on the full makeup look I've been wearing most lately.

This look is one of my favorites because it's easy, not too fussy, and is appropriate to wear anywhere. It's one of those "go-to" looks for me that I can do easily without really thinking and works no matter what. I love it!

I also love that it's also a bit different and not the typical more "natural" colors you'd think of most often for a more everyday look. The taupe-y purple makes it a bit different, but still just as wearable.

So check out my video below and get ready with me! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Products Used:

Hourglass Immaculate Foundation in Shell
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose
NARS Translucent Crystal Pressed Setting Powder
Chanel Bronze Universal
Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer in Natural
Chanel Blush in Rose Initiale
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst
Chanel Eye Shadow in Fauve
MAC Eye Shadows: Folie, Soft Brown, Mystery, Vapour
MAC Powerpoint Eye Liner in Stubborn Brown
Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in Nude no. 3
Lorac 3D Gloss in Polished
Chanel Angled Powder Brush #2

I also did a little OOTD in this one. I LOVE this jacket. Well, that and this whole look in general. I love that it looks put-together, but not too put-together, you know what I mean? Do you see a pattern in this post?
That's what I like to always go for both with beauty and fashion.  So I took some quick pics of the look to share (my photographer wasn't home). ;)
You can get a better look at it in the video!

Target jacket, Forever 21 top, Express jeans, Pour la Victoire shoes, LV bag

While the top is no longer available, I found a super cute option below that I just might have to pick up myself...

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EYEBROWS! My Best Tips, Tutorial, & Fav Products

So today we're talkin' brows. Everything brows. From my favorite tried and true products, my best tips, and of course, my go-to brow tutorial.  I love doing these every now and then because products change, methods change, and like everything else, it sort of just improves and evolves. So of course, I love sharing all the details with you all!
It's basically a big ol' brow video.

What makes brows so interesting is that they are so unique from person to person.  Different shapes, sizes, shades... SO different. You've probably heard this said a million times before, but they really do frame your face. Just like other facial features, everyone has different brows for a reason. They go with your face!

So that's why brow tutorials can be tricky. I always say that you've got to work with what you've got. So while there is no exact right or wrong way to do them because everyone needs something a little different, you can hopefully use some of my tips I've learned over the years (mostly from my own trial and error), to help you get your most perfect brows!
Hope you love it!

Products mentioned in video...

*Save on both of these with code NOV2013*

What I wore in this video...

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A Peek Inside Our Guest Bedroom

First of all, I've got to address your love for the home posts. A big thank you to all who are reading the blog period, but I've got to say how overwhelmed I am by the amount of love I've gotten for these home posts! You guys seem to be really enjoying them and that makes me super happy because I really enjoy them too. 
I've been doing home decor posts pretty regularly on the blog for a while now, but I feel like rather than just an odd post here and there, it's really become a part of the blog. Which has always been my goal here.  I never wanted it to feel too limited to JUST one thing. This is my little happy place to share all of the things I love- from beauty to fashion to home decor to my life! And I'm so glad you guys are loving it too.

Ok, enough with the warm n' fuzzies.  Well, actually, we can keep going with them because to me, that's what a guest bedroom should feel like. 
Comfortable, warm...
n' fuzzy.

I realized a few weeks back that this is actually one of the few places left in the house I haven't really shared on here. 

So come on in and stay a while...

...or at least until the end of the post. ;)

I really love this space. It's almost an exact copy of our old guest bedroom because we used the same furniture, curtains, and bedding. But mostly because of all the little personal touches.

I love how the colors are calming, but still a little fun with the black and white elements. Of course, a plant or two doesn't hurt either. This one above is the fiddle leaf fig (and table) that normally lives in our family room.  Two guesses as to why it's been temporarily relocated up here.
Hint: It rhymes with shrismas shree.
Don't judge.

Something else I love about the room is the mix of textures. That always helps a room come together. For example, the walls and curtains feel very tone-on-tone, but because the curtains are very plush and velvety (plush is a word I don't use nearly enough), it gives it more interest.
Let's talk about the curtains for a minute.  They're basically my favorite.
I purchased a ton of these about  four years ago at our last house. They lived in almost every room, no joke. This color and fabric just works everywhere.  Every time I see them, it just feels like "my home" to me. People always comment on how nice they look and feel when they're here. There's something just so cozy about them.  You may recognize them from our dining room too from this post.

These were seriously a unique find. I get them (and all my curtains really) from a website called "Half Price Drapes". These are called the Velvet Blackout Curtain Panels. Consider my secret, shared.

Anyway, about three or four years ago, I picked up the leopard "throw" and pillow on the bed. I found it at Ballard Designs during a really great online sale and bought it on a whim because I love leopard, but really thought the more subdued leopard was really pretty. I was so pleasantly surprised when I got it. It's SO soft and comfy.  It's actually a twin duvet set.  Basically, I ordered the twin because it was kind of ridiculously expensive and I cheap'd out.  However, looking back, I probably would've sprung for the full/queen knowing how soft and nice it is. It's like a really cuddly flannel material.

I kind of dig it just as an accent though.

The "fuzzy" bench... funny story. That bench is totally the plain little bench that was a part of our old breakfast table set. I decided to sell the table and four chairs at our recent garage sale, rather than keep it in the basement like we had originally planned.  But I thought, why not keep the bench? So it lived all plain and sad at the end of this bed for a while, until I had a great idea to throw my long sheepskin rug over it since I hate actually stepping on that furry guy on the floor and Waylon loves to rub his face all over it (amongst other things) in the morning. So I thought it worked better on the bench.

This next photo of the opposite side of the room really helps you see the true color of the walls...

This was the first room I painted in this house when we moved in.  I've wanted to share it with you for the last 6 months or so, but it seems like other projects always come up. The paint color is called "Edgecomb Gray" by Benjamin Moore. It's a really calm gray that isn't too cool or warm. Actually, in this room, it reads a little more gray than I've seen it look in other rooms (on Pinterest for example). This paint came with us from our old house. I bought the can two years ago waiting to use it in a particular room there, but always changed my mind at the last minute. Looks like it worked out perfectly!

Those double doors lead to the closet space and through the door to the left you can see the guest bathroom, which you may recognize from this post all about it's transformation.

Here's a peek at it:

For more details allll about that bathroom (and lots of before and afters), check out this post.

The chair was one of those lucky TJ Maxx finds. I love the whitewashed wood and the deep chocolate color. It's really comfy too! I love having a chair in a bedroom so people don't feel like the bed is the only place to sit.

So I consider every single room always "in progress", as depicted by the dresser below...

Totally not bad, I'm just constantly changing it up. Not really thinking anything on it is staying in this room or exact place (hello, lens cap), but it's what's there for now. The lamps are from Pier 1 (you probably recognize them from our last house's family room), and all of the furniture (bed, dresser, and night table) are antiques that belonged to my grandparents. I LOVE them.

As for what I'd like to change about this room going forward, obviously, I'm constantly changing decor around, but the main feel of this room is usually the same. While the white bedspread and leopard throw and pillows always stay, I love how I can change out the throw pillows when the mood hits me. Sometimes instead of the black chevron, I put out some pretty linen coral pillows that brighten the room up a lot when I feel like it. Same with our bedroom, I love being able to change throw pillows on a whim to change the feel of the whole room without changing big stuff like an entire bedspread. You can get a peek of our master bedroom in this post. It's still VERY much a work in progress. As in one side (the side never photographed) looks the same as it did the day we moved in.... Awesome. Another post for another day...

I also considered changing out the fan for something a little more fun. But this is a small bedroom that does get a lot of sun, and I feel like the fan is just practical. Plus, it's brand new and actually really nice, so I'd feel silly replacing it at this point because it actually doesn't look bad.

Also, after the holidays, the table and fig will head back down to the family room. However, I'm really digging the plant in there. I think I'll have to find him a replacement that can always live in that room since the light is so great in there.

I know I covered a lot in the post, but if you're curious about anything else, here's a little reference list for ya!

paint: Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore
furniture: antique
chair: TJ Maxx
sunburst mirror: Kirklands
leopard bedding: Ballard Designs (twin duvet and pillow set)
black pillow cases were a gift, monogrammed by my mother in law
sunburst lamps: Pier 1
white ruffle bedding: Target (shabby chic collection)
chevron pillows: TJ Maxx
black and white pillow: Target
sheepskin rug: Overstock
bedside lamp: Target
lamp shade: Pottery Barn

So tell me... Do you all prefer a more bold and fun or more subdued and calm guest bedroom?


Current Foundation Routine & OOTD

Hello and happy Monday, Loves! Today I'm bringing you an updated foundation routine video. In this one, I focus mainly on how I perfect my skin and the products I've been using and loving lately.  This routine is crazy long-wearing. Which for me, is really saying something since I've got oily skin which can cause some major problems where my makeup's staying-power is concerned.
I hope you all enjoy it!

Products used and mentioned:

Hourglass Veil Primer
Hourglass Immaculate Foundation
Dior Undereye BB Cream
MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders in Diffused Light and Lumious Light
NARS Translucent Crystal pressed setting powder
Too Faced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer
Chanel Bronze Universal Bronzing Makeup Base
Benefit Rockateur Blush
Lorac 3D lip gloss in Polished
*The eye look is coming up soon in a future tutorial!

I also thought I'd combine this with a little OOTD from the day I filmed this. Nothing crazy... Just snapped a few pics before I left the house.

Zara top, 7 For All Mankind "the skinny" jeans, Chanel ankle boots, Louis Vuitton bag, Ray Ban sunglasses

Here are some similar  (and exact) options below:

So let me know what you guys think! Are any of you loving the Immaculate Foundation as much as I am? I can't believe I hadn't tried this stuff before!

Post contains affiliates.


Sephora VIB Sale 2013 Wishlist (haul items)

It's that time of the year again! Time for the Sephora VIB sale!

As usual, I like to share with you all my wish list items to give you an idea of what I recommend and want to pick up, and maybe give you a few ideas of your own!

The sale runs at Sephora (online and in store) November 7-11. If you are a Beauty Insider, you can enter the code they provided you to save at check out. You can also take the little cards you should have received by mail to save in the actual store during the sale dates!

**EDIT: SHOP HERE and enter code "VIBTOPIA" at checkout! Some people are saying it's working for regular Beauty Insiders too, although some are saying it isn't. haha, worth a shot! xox-Tiffany

Check out my video below for all the details! Also, some Chanel beauty haul items and an OOTD. Big video, guys. :) Hope you enjoy!

 My recs/wish list items:

Worn in this video:

So what's on YOUR list?? Spill!
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Let's talk organization... In my basement.

The creepiest post title award may or may not have just been given out.
Extra points if you saw creepy basement sloth in your mind too...
Just me? Let's move on then.

So keeping with my tradition of putting up one home post a week, I had planned on sharing this baby last week around Halloween.

Because basements are scary.

Well, MAC Holiday collections happened and those kind of took over. So here we are. Creepin' it up on a Tuesday.

So just a little warning... If you don't like wordy posts about organization and seeing people's junk, this post may not be for you.  haha

So today we're talking organization. Basement organization. I'm proud to say that now, we only have a few small areas of storage that consist of all our holiday stuff and a small area under the basement stairs where we keep boxes for things we may want to hang on to.  Pretty huge accomplishment considering our last house's attic was piled higher and more strategically than a game of Jenga. It was enough to keep me up at night. We didn't have a basement at our last house and storage space was basically nonexistent. I always held on to extra decor and things of that nature thinking that one day, we would have a bigger place and would need it. So when we moved here into our "bigger place", I got rid of EVERYTHING we weren't using. If it didn't have a place here, I didn't need it.
Things I hadn't thought about or used in years went straight to the garage sale pile. Anything we didn't sell, we donated. It feels so much lighter around here!

So you may actually remember that recent  home post a few weeks back where I mentioned our basement a lot and the whole cleaning out process we were undertaking. Before that, it had gotten zero love on here.
I mean, for good reason. Like I've said so many times, our new home is still very much a work in progress.

Remember this?

Looks awesome, right?
Well, this was a result of my major cleaning-out-fever I've had over the past few months. Thanks to that insanity, it now looks back to normal, like this.

Darn that basement, and darn the consistently bad photos of it. It's always a struggle.

Ahhhh... Wide open spaces again. We're eventually planning on turning this room into something awesome, so I'll update you as we complete it! Not happening any time soon probably... It's definitely a long-term plan.

So after the garage sale, we were left with holiday stuff. I really didn't have as much as I thought. Again, I had gone through it just like everything else and garage sale/donated the items we hadn't touched in years.

So one night, Brad and I made what I like to call the Holiday Room of Awesome-ness. Don't judge, I get excited about organization...

In that far room in the back of the photo above, you can see a closed door alllll the way in the back. It's a really neat unfinished space that Brad had been storing some game boxes and our dvd collection in. This room basically had caught all of the junk after the move (which is where all the crap in the middle of the floor in the first pic had been dragged out of).

So Brad took all of the boxes/game stuff/old bookshelf we wanted to keep and put it in another little unfinished storage area under the basement stairs through the door to the right in that above photo. That room is also Brad's weight room.

So I was so crazy excited to be left with that awesome storage room behind the media room.
Here it is after we organized it...

Pretty exciting stuff.
Apparently the kids that used to live here played baseball in the basement when it was unfinished. Which I've got to admit, sounds like a pretty good time. Apparently Kelsey was cleaning up.

So back to the organization... This isn't just a post about ogling my new favorite place in the house (is that bad?). I mainly want to share my tips with you all that I have learned over the years. Things that work best for me that will hopefully help you too! They're pretty basic, but maybe there's a tip or two that you can pick up!

My best tips for storing holiday stuff and seasonal decor or things that you need to occasionally access...

  • Be realistic and get rid of what you don't use. A good rule is to get rid of anything you haven't wanted to put out in a few years. There's a reason you haven't. Storage space is valuable!
  • Invest in some bins that are color-coordinated to the holiday/season your storing stuff within. Makes for super easy access later. See the orange bins below? Those are easy to spot when I want to pull out Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff.

  • WREATH BOXES. Get them. Use them. Wreaths are tricky to store and can start to look horrible after a few years of storage if they're just shoved against other stuff. I have a mix of nice Rubbermaid ones and paper ones that you assemble yourself (the red and green octagon-shaped boxes above).  The green wreaths you see in that clear box are plain ones that we use on the exterior of the house on the windows so those can be shoved together since they're pretty sturdy and easy to re-shape.
  • Keep your Christmas tree boxes if you use an artificial one. They make for easy, space-saving storage. If you have a pre-lit tree, you can even sort of "loosely" close the box to avoid shoving the tree back inside the box and possibly damaging it. Yeah, mine are shoved. I live on the edge.  
The two tree boxes along the left wall are both 7' sort of medium-sized skinny trees that are pre-lit. Those are the ones I put in the dining room or the formal living room. This year, I'm definitely still doing my food/gingerbread tree in the dining room that I've done the past several years (I even considered putting it in the bar area of the basement, but I feel like it won't be seen/enjoyed as much). The other one is going in our formal living room/my office. I've got something fun planned for that one. ;)

k, back to the tips...

  • Use your vertical space and store against walls. Not everyone has a ton of storage square footage, but you can stack the plastic storage boxes to the ceiling, using only a box-sized footprint.  Once you start making piles (for example, if I would've also put boxes in the middle area of the storage space above), you'll start to accumulate junk you don't need and you won't be able to access your stuff easily.
That's my biggest tip. No matter if you're storing along a wall of a garage, in a spare closet, or in a basement, stack the boxes as high as you can (safely, obviously) against a wall. Takes up a couple feet at the most! Looking back, we could've really utilized our last garage so much more for holiday storage space against the walls or built some sort of awesome shelving system. Oh well.

That tip is best proven in this photo below. This is the area under the stairs I mentioned in Brad's weight room earlier... 

This and the other room I showed before is our only stuff that is stored.

Looks like a pretty big area. But this is where all the holiday stuff was before and it was literally packed full and spilling out because the slope of the stairs kept me from being able to stack stuff too high. But it's perfect for this stuff that's in here now. 

So basically, get plastic bins and stack that mess to the ceiling. Takes up a LOT less space

So those are my biggest tips. Not a whole lot of fun decor happening in this post, but something really useful, nonetheless.  I think I'm going to really enjoy decorating a lot more this year now that I'm all organized.  It's about that time!! 

Oh, and I cannot wait to show you all our big tree this year... It's BIG. Maybe too big... haha. It's arriving tomorrow. SO excited.  Still lots of room in the new storage room to keep it too. Here's a shot of the other side of that room...

Unorganized dvd's and game stuff galore.

So are you guys gearing up for the Holiday season?? It's my absolute favorite time of the year. I know I probably said that about Fall once or twice (or 46 times), but Christmas is just the best.

As always, I'll of course do lots of Christmas-y decor posts and a tour like last year!  Can't wait.