Baublebar jewelry haul and weekend DISCOUNT

I recently went a little crazy at Baublebar.  With my love of basic wardrobe essentials, fun jewelry is a must for me.  I think so many people overlook jewelry and accessories when building a fun and versatile wardrobe. The problem is, it can be hard to find affordable "statement" pieces that are good quality.
So that explains why I'm a bit Baublebar-obsessed. The pieces are affordable and there is so much to choose from.  Which may also explain why this haul is pretty big.  I found waaay too much I liked!

So since no big jewelry haul is complete without a good discount, Baublebar was nice enough to provide an exclusive discount code for my readers! Pick out all your baubles and enter code "TIFFANYD" at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order. Keep in mind, the code is only good for a few days (5/30-6/1), so don't miss out!

To see what I picked out and to maybe get some ideas, check out my haul video below!

What are your favorite pieces from Baublebar??

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Tips for bookcase styling

So picking right up from last week's post all about my favorite decor books, I thought we'd continue the whole party with decorating the actual bookcase.  They can be quite difficult to get right. Of course, there will be no rules or right or wrongs in this post, but I think that's what makes getting them right even more difficult.

At our last house, one of my favorite things about it were the built-in "bookshelves" in the family room.
I had to do some serious digging (on my iPhone) to find this one, but here's the best shot of those I could find (well one of them at least...just imagine the other one on the right).

This shot probably doesn't do them justice, but they were HUGE. Like 3 feet deep. Ok maybe not that much, but you feel me. Definitely too large for just books. I had so much fun decorating those, but I could never quite seem to get them right. I was constantly "shuffling" everything around.

So fast forward to the new house hunt early last year. I knew that built-ins in the family room were a must-have for the new house wish list for me.  I just love a good set of built-ins in a family room. Not just for books, but for storage (check out all the cabinet space beneath them), and displaying random tchotchkes.
I love me some random tchotchkes.

While iPhone-digging for that last photo, I also came across this one on moving day into the new house last year...

Total chaos.

The first place I decorated in the house was literally the bookcase area. I really love ours. They aren't as deep as the last ones, but they are much taller with one more shelf and some recessed lighting.

Funny enough, I haven't majorly changed anything in them since.  Because I'm really happy with how they turned out, I think I can *hopefully* provide some basic bookcase styling tips that may help you out if you're stumped!

Just for some reference as to how big these are (because photos make them look deceivingly smaller than they are), when I'm standing in front of them, my head comes right to the top of the second shelf (I'm 5'7").  Also, the paneling is right at 11' tall. You can see where it ends better in the photo above.

Here's a better shot of them...

That's why decorating shelves like this is difficult. Unless you own a small library, you're not going to be able to fill up large shelves like this with actual books. Plus I like the look of some interesting things on shelves mixed with the books as well. Problem is, when you add a lot of random things it can begin to look as chaotic as the moving day photo above.
Because I have a good bit on the actual shelves, I like to keep the mantle really simple. Sometimes, I go around and "de-clutter" and remove everything from the mantle completely. But that's another post for another day.

Funny because I remember in a decor post a while back, someone commented that they found it funny that we had no books on our bookshelves. I counted. There are 34 (not including the little fake white ceramic ones and magazines, of course). Some are hidden around the corners of the shelves.  There's just a whole lotta' shelf. You can see that a bit better below.

So let's just get down to my tips...
  1. Start with your books, then add a "collection" of similar items. For me, it's white ceramic things.  I've had all of these items forever and while they're all different, the similar color and material help to pull the entire shelving area together when scattered about. 
  2. Go heavier on the bottom shelf and lighter on the top. To me, it just visually feels right and gives you more to look at and actually be able to grab from on a more accessible shelf. For us, this works out perfectly also because the bottom shelf is a bit deeper and holds more stuff. Use some trays in this space to group lots of smaller items together without feeling cluttered.
  3. Don't just arrange books vertically, arrange some horizontally as well with some items grouped on top of them. This works really well to display tinier items as well.
  4. Mix in some photos and some "sparkle". I added some gold and mirrored items to ours. Even if you don't want anything super "bling-y" or crazy, adding something metal works well to add some different finishes.
  5. Don't make every shelf look the same. Stagger items, group things by twos or threes, and add items of different colors and types to sort of balance everything out.
  6. If you have a favorite magazine, save the issues and display them behind a bookend to add some more reading material to the actual shelf.  I love to collect Elle Decor.
  7. Remember that you can't really make any major mistakes. Just play around with the items and keep stepping back to see if it "feels" right. Sometimes I find it helpful to snap a few photos with my iPhone and look at it that way. For some reason, I can always see more things I don't like or that feel unbalanced from a photo.
Ours definitely aren't perfect, but I always smile when I look at them, which I think is a good sign.  I like that they are definitely "arranged" and feel put-together, but still feel inviting enough to actually grab books from and look through when you want something to read.

So those are just the tips that work for me.  Maybe they'll help you if you're stumped with your shelves or just feel like they're never "just right".  Part of feeling "just right" for me is not being so perfect. Flip some books around, lean them in different directions... just have fun with it.  That's what shelves are to me anyway... A fun place to display your favorite things. 

So do any of you struggle with your shelves? What types of things/collections do you display on yours??


Summer Skin Essentials: Makeup, SPF, Body, etc.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Because the first day of Summer will be here before we know it, I thought I'd share with you all a little video of my collection of essential summertime products. When the weather warms up, I always change up my routines a little bit, adding in some products that just make more sense in the warmer months for the health (and looks) of my skin. Some of these products are old favorites, some are new discoveries... all are awesome.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

::the essentials::

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No Heat Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial

Happy Friday Everyone!
Today I'm sharing with you all my method for creating easy, volumized, beachy waves with absolutely ZERO heat. If you have stick straight hair like me, you know that getting a beachy textured look can be a big challenge. For such an easy-going hairstyle, it's usually pretty complicated (and fussy) for us to replicate- usually using curling irons and tons of product (which usually just gets crunchy and falls flat in an hour).

Well this method gives you great results with hardly any effort. It's seriously so easy, you won't believe it. All the work is done for you overnight!  This volumized, wavy look will seriously last until you wash it out.

So right in time for the weekend (and hopefully for some warm and beautiful weather where you live), here is one of my favorite summertime hair tutorials. I hope you love it!

::products used::

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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My top home decor books

I have been imagining putting a post like this together pretty much since I started these weekly home decor posts on here.  I just LOVE books. In the world today of online inspiration (hello Pinterest and Instagram), it's still nice to know that sometimes, nothing beats sitting down with a beautiful book filled with hundreds of lovely images to be inspired by.

I sort of have a thing for interior design books. I have a shamefully large collection. Which works out because I think beautiful books are some of the best decor themselves. I have them scattered around all over the house... Beneath lamps, on coffee tables, stacked on bookshelves, next to beds, etc. I just love looking at them.
Not to mention they also make pretty awesome gifts. To me, the perfect gift is a pretty book. Write a heartfelt sentiment on the inside cover and you're good to go. The recipient will have it forever.

Ok so on to the actual details of my favorites... I narrowed it down (pretty easily actually) to my 9 best. I was going to make it a round 10, but these were truly what stood out. I feel like no matter your actual decorating style, you can easily enjoy all of these and get inspiration from any of them for your particular space.

So here we go, (maybe in some particular order).

First, a few books by Suzanne Kasler: Timeless Style and Inspired Interiors.

The two of these are super hard to compare, so I'm grouping them together. I think together, they contain so much inspiration and ideas, it's crazy. I love how they contain tons of beautiful, large images, while also providing a lot of actual useful info and thoughtful ideas.

When I think of these two books (and her style in general), I think of a good mix of styles. While at first glance her style comes off very classic and some pieces are very traditional, she mixes it up with more modern and eclectic pieces here and there which is what I really like decor-wise.
These books have so many great ideas for decorating with collections (without feeling cluttered), wall (gallery) groupings, and table arrangements.  They really have something for everyone.
Also, if it's actual architecture of spaces that you like, you'll love both of these books.

Next, Domino: The Book of Decorating.

First off, the book itself is so darn pretty...

Inside is a good mix of practical advice and guides on different types of furniture to fit your particular space and style...

...mixed with some really fun and easy (sometimes out-of-the-box) ideas and eye candy galore.

This one would be perfect for someone just getting started with their first space.

This next one I could probably look through every single day and feel inspired by something different each time: Black and White (and a bit in between).

Seriously so many fun ideas for adding black and white into your space. But don't let the name fool you... There's actually a surprising use of color in this one.

Next one (with my favorite cover),  Glamorous Rooms.

You can see in the widget image above, it has a pretty jacket. But when I saw the actual cover, I ditched it. You can totally see why, right??

This one contains exactly what the name implies... Photo after photo of glamorous rooms. Tons of inspiration in this one as well. Plus, the book is glam and decorative on it's own which is always a plus.

Next, A Passion for Blue and White.

I got this book years and years ago, probably before I really even started collecting blue and white ceramics, now that I think of it. This was probably the first interior decor book I owned.

Your house and taste definitely doesn't have to be an explosion of blue and white to appreciate this book, though.  It contains just as much floral inspiration as well and is full of interesting tablescapes.

Next, In with the Old: Classic Decor from A to Z.

This is a sweet little book, although much more "wordy" than the others.
It's set up truly from A to Z.  Discussing decor themes and key pieces all the way through the alphabet.

Finally, my last two...  A few "shabby chic" books by Rachel Ashwell: Shabby Chic and Shabby Chic Interiors.

While "shabby chic" isn't how I'd define 100% of my style (I like a mix of a ton of different things), I can definitely get inspiration from this book.  These are probably the only true "niche" decor books I have that truly focus on one type of decor style, but like I said previously, even if your style isn't defined as "shabby chic", you can probably be inspired from a thing or two in these. From the gorgeous antique chandeliers, to Ashwell's advice on flea market picking for unique finds and her practical thoughts on slipcovered furnishings, I think anyone could find interest in a thing or two.

On the other hand, if shabby chic is 100% your thing, any of Rachel Ashwell's books would be worth checking out.

Whew.  So that's it for my favorites! There are SO many decor books out there in a variety of styles, but I really think that these would appeal to anyone.  What are some of your favorite decor books?? I love finding new ones!!

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Relaxed weekend stripes and neon

Remember this sweet little striped infinity scarf from this recent haul video?

It's just so sweet, soft, and cozy. I've been throwing it on a ton lately with the cooler weather we've been having (hello, it's almost SUMMER!). 
Well, I actually find little soft scarves like this to be pretty essential in the warmer months. Sure, it's warm out, but at night it can get chilly and don't even get me started on the sub-zero restaurants and movie theaters.

So I've been throwing this one on with pretty much everything. I especially love it with this relaxed weekend look.

 The components are super simple... a white tee and boyfriend jeans (my fav uniform), yet the accessories pull it together and keep it fun while still feeling laid-back and relaxed.

::shop the post::

Chanel sunglasses
Target shoes

Where are some of your favorite places to get "summer scarves" like this? 

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Current Hair Care Routine (How I've Grown it Longer)

Hello and Happy Monday! Today, I decided to start off the week by sharing my current hair care routine with you all.  Lately I've gone back to some of my old favorites-- Products that have always given me great results and that I've always enjoyed using. I also discovered a new great product that I've been loving lately.
So along with the actual products, I'm also sharing some of my best tips for keeping hair healthy and strong.  All of these tips and products combined have really helped me grow my hair faster and healthier than ever before. I've been really surprised lately at how fast it's growing (and how little it's breaking).
So I hope you all enjoy it and that you'll maybe pick up a trick or two!

What are YOUR current hair care favorites??

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A TON of new updates around the house

These last few weeks have been kind of nuts. Not only with some new things going on around the house (we're finally doing something pretty big with that huge empty room in the basement), but life in general has just been pretty busy. I'll update you all soon on the basement progress!

So I didn't really realize until a few days ago that I had totally skipped last week's decor post! What was I thinking, right?? ;)  Well since there has been no shortage of changes and updates around here, I thought I'd combine several updates into one giant post for you guys to sort of collectively share these past few weeks.
So get comfortable, grab a snack and a beverage, and let's get to it!

Remember when I painted the front living room/my office the same color as the kitchen (Clay Beige by Benjamin Moore)?  Well long story short, the color is the perfect "greige" and we sort of fell in love with it. Ever since I used it for the living room, I contemplated continuing it into the dining room as well.

Well I finally did, and we love it.

I always liked the gold/tan shade in the dining room (that color was throughout most of the house when we bought it), but I feel like this connected space looks best when the color continues on that wall behind the columns. It made it look more continuous and the color itself works perfectly with the decor in there.  I have something else in mind to add to the walls in there, so I'll for sure update with the details on that if I get brave enough to do it!

I wish I had a before shot of that exact angle above. I think I avoided photographing that area where the rooms meet for a reason while they were two different colors.  It just never felt "finished".  So happy with how that turned out!

 I think the new color really works well with all the furniture and accessories in the room...

If you follow these decor posts, you may have noticed something a little different in the living room/office...

I decided to add a pair of matching lamps to the Target end tables that I painted...

These are just the lamps from our family room that I did a little switch-a-roo with.  I think it looks so much better and balanced, but they're also super functional as well, as this room gets very dark at night. This is the only room in the house without an overhead light. I've thought about having it professionally wired for one and adding something fun in the future. I think it may even be wired for one with a box and everything underneath the ceiling sheetrock. Just because there is a dead wall switch right as you come into the room which may be set-up to go to it. Totally not sure. Sounds like something I should probably get checked out though. 
Anyway, it makes a huge difference in lighting the room at night so I'm happy with the change!

I also moved Lil' Fig next to the window so he would get better light. 


OH and speaking of figs...

Check out all the new growth on Frankie!!

This is majorly exciting because it took several months to figure out how to care for this guy. Fiddle Leaf Figs are no joke.  I had heard that they sprout new leaves in the Spring, but I wasn't so sure. After a year of having him with no new growth, this was a huge surprise! *For more info on how I care for my figs, check out this post.

When I was looking back at all the updates I could share in this post, I remembered another painting project I never shared!!

I continued the White Truffle (Behr) shade from the foyer throughout the upstairs hallway.

*For more on the white frames, check out this post.

I love how much it opened up the space and I think it will look much better as I continue the white "frame wall" all down the hallway throughout the years.

Here's what it looked like before...

Finally, I found some new patio chairs a few weeks back for our screened-in porch...

*If you're curious about the blue ceiling, check out this post to read more about it!
I love how little space they take up. I had this glass table out there since we moved in with no chairs.  All the ones I had found were too bulky or were crazy expensive for what they were. I found these at Ballard on sale, and I had a 15% off coupon which was awesome.  They're super heavy and much sturdier than they look. 

So happy with them! Having breakfast out there while Waylon runs around the yard is pretty much my favorite.

So that's my crazy huge home update post for ya! I hope you enjoyed checking out what's new around here.  We've got tons more going on around here too so there are definitely lots more updates to come!

I hope you all are having a great week so far!


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